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Since trading started in 2004 IP has currently built 4 double bungalows on 2 different sites. Each of these were individually designed for IP developments. As shown below the first site was 2 semi detached bungalows and second site were 2 detached bungalows including garages.

Bungalows make beautiful homes particularly for those whom may have difficulties with using staircases. Bungalows are ideal for the elderly or less-abled. They allow people to live a good life in a home without the need for assistance getting in and out of bed. For the elderly a bungalow gives maany of them the opportunity to live a very good fulfilling life where others may have been restricted because of stairs and a size of a home.

Bungalows are also given a better chance during the planning process as there is likely to be less arguments from neighbours over rights of light and views. As bungalows are typically smaller properties than terraced houses, their footprints are generally a smaller area, therefore you can fit them into smaller plots also making them a great use of space and land.

If you require a bungalows or your land has a planning permission for a bungalow please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.